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GCAW is your source for custom high or low-pressure process skid packages constructed to the most stringent codes and specifications. GCAW engineers and fabricates process packages as specified by our petrochemical customer base in our state-of-the-art facility with tenured project management and craftsmen.


GCAW has the facilities and experience to project manage your custom-designed packages with client engineers and quality personnel residents at our facility. With client engineers embedded in our fabrication process, we can optimize the design during manufacturing reducing production time, minimize the potential for rework, and mitigate delivery delays.


Located in the heart of the petrochemical industry, our project teams are selected for the most critical path schedule-driven projects to meet the demands of the fast-paced oil, gas, and chemical industries.

The fabrication of our process skid packages is constructed according to the latest edition of ASME Section VIII Division 1 and 2, ANSI B 31.1, NACE MR0175, and API 650 codes. All of our welders are qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX and our welding is inspected by AWS Certified welding inspectors. The in-process and finished products are completely hydrostatically tested and FAT tests are performed according to customer requirements.


All coatings, both internal and external are critically supervised and inspected by NACE certified coating inspectors.

All valves and instrumentation can be procured by GCAW in accordance with customer requirements and specifications, or clients may supply all or part of the specialized equipment which will be inventoried and warehoused. 

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