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Trusted since 1981.

Wall thickness up to 8"  |  Pressures up to 15,000 PSI

Our qualified and experienced engineers can perform a wide range of engineered packages including cyclic vessel designs, high-pressure reactor designs from multiple metallurgies, finite element analysis for extreme pressure/temperature environments, and PE Stamped engineered packages that conform to the most stringent specifications.


Our engineers perform ASME compliant calculations utilizing the latest version of Compress pressure vessel engineering software. GCAW has current experience from high spec Navy Mil standards to critical service offshore high-pressure engineering specifications.




Fully Dressed High Temperature Pressure Vessel


1" Thick

78,000 Lbs.

9'6" Diameter

41' Long

This critical service pressure vessel was designed and fabricated out of 304H stainless steel for operating at temperatures exceeding 1200°F. Due to thermal expansion from the high temperature, we designed and fabricated a custom support ring on which the entire vessel is supported without fixed bolting, which allows the vessel to expand and contract without inducing additional stresses. All designs were verified using finite element analysis.

This vessel featured a 110" diameter, 11" thick body flange that included 96 studs. The entire vessel was insulated with over 8" of calcium silicate. 


Hydrofluoric Acid Drum

1-3/8" Thick

188,000 Lbs.

14' Diameter

68' Long

A heavy wall hydrofluoric acid storage drum for a major oil refiner on the gulf coast.


This drum was fabricated from low temp carbon steel and extensively tested with 100% radiography (RT), phased array (PAUT), time of flight diffraction (TOFD), and more. All flanged connections were coated with an acid-detecting paint.

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