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Proven under pressure


GCAW engineers and fabricates high-pressure carbon steel and alloy reactors up to 8” thick and pressures up to 15,000 PSI.


Our qualified and experienced engineers can perform a wide range of engineered packages including cyclic vessel designs and high-pressure reactor designs from multiple metallurgies, finite element analysis for extreme pressure/temperature environments, and PE Stamped engineered packages that conform to the most stringent specifications.


Our engineers perform ASME-compliant calculations utilizing the latest pressure vessel engineering software. GCAW has current experience from high spec Navy Mil standards to critical service offshore high-pressure engineering specifications.


Heavy Wall Clad Reactor


This reactor was designed and fabricated on an expedited schedule for a client on the Gulf Coast. The reactor included an external half-pipe coil, internal weld overlay, and a thermal spray aluminum coating.

Weighing in at over 54,000 lbs, this reactor was designed with a 2.75” thick carbon steel shell capable of operating at 1,000 psi with a capacity of over 3,500 gallons.


Inconel 625 was used for the weld overlay to prevent corrosion. This overlay process required closely controlled welding parameters while depositing over 32,000 feet of corrosion-resistant weld overlay on this reactor, which our craftsmen performed flawlessly. Perfect chemistries were achieved on the internal surface.

High-Pressure Reactor

7'6" Inside Diameter

15' Overall Height

2-3/4" Thick 

54,000 Pounds

External Half Pipe Coil

Internal Coil

Q-Lip Forging Design

Thermal Spray Aluminum

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