Insulated Vessels

GCAW offers a wide array of vessel insulation capabilities at a fraction of the cost of insulating in the field. Safety, Quality, Cost, and Time; the four benefits to insulating vessels in a shop setting.


Vessels and towers insulated in a shop setting reduce safety risks due to a controlled environment and increased accessibility. Insulating and heat tracing a vessel that is staged in a shop presents a safe, well lit, and clean environment to perform the work.


The quality of an insulation project is improved in a shop setting by having adequate accessibility for manpower and equipment to move and work around the vessel. Having better access to the vessel allows for a more accurate inspection, rendering a higher quality product. Many obstacles are present while insulating a vessel in the field, such as rain delays, wind, dust, andhumidity; a controlled environment keeps your project out of the weather.


Customers that insulate vessels and towers in our shop environment yield savings in excess of 60% over that of field insulation. Easier access, higher productivity, and no scaffolding costs keep your project on budget.


The average insulation project performed on site takes 40% longer than those performed in our facility.  Including heat tracing and insulation on your order enables the delivery of a turn key product with no additional work required on site.

Insulation Products:

  • Pearlite
  • Calcium Silicate
  • Pyrogel XTE
  • Pyrogel XTF
  • Pyrogel HPS
  • Cryogel Z
  • and more.

Additional Capabilities:

  • Heat Tracing
  • Steam Tracing
  • Removable blankets
  • Conventional Insulation
  • Piping Insulation


  • Corrugated
  • Smooth
  • Stucco Embossed